december 31, 2012

Daryl, Nick, Conner, Lori, and I camped at Lost Trail tonight and rang in the New Year in style, toasting to all of us moving to Montana this year.

It has been a crazy long year.
I can’t quite wrap my head around everything we’ve done this year.
We moved to Montana.  We spent most of the year camping.  We skied a ton.  We caved a ton.  We moved into our very first place together.  We spent most of the year blissfully unemployed.
I’m working on my usual year in review post and man is it loooong.


threehundredfiftynine – threehundredsixtyfive

december 24, 2012

Sunset on Christmas Eve. You can’t see in the photo, but it was snowing!

december 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

december 26, 2012

I’m confused. Are you implying you have a Master of Fine Arts in Elk?

december 27, 2012

Nick made these awesome Salmon croquettes for dinner tonight. Yummy!

december 28, 2012

A snowy walk home from Liz and Tommy’s tonight.

december 29, 2012

We finally checked the mail today and got the box of stuff I left in Oregon (including my haul from Powells, the top nine books) and our Christmas presents from my parents (the Joy the Baker cookbook and the Smitten Kitchen cookbook). I love books!

december 30, 2012

I’ve always hated not knowing exactly how many beans to put in the French press, so today I rewatched this beautiful video from Sprouted Kitchen and pulled out the kitchen scale. It was a perfect cup of coffee.

threehundredfiftytwo – threehundredfiftyeight

december 17, 2012

The deer love my parents apple trees. They are always out there at night, munching on apples. A couple weeks ago my Dad got a great video of a deer standing on its back feet to reach an apple in the tree!

december 18, 2012

I spent the morning at my favorite Coffee Girl.

december 19, 2012

A rainy goodbye from Astoria.

december 20, 2012

My train got into Spokane as scheduled at 12am. However, the Seattle half of our train got delayed and rerouted because of a mudslide in Everett. We finally left at 8am.

december 21, 2012

While I was in Oregon, Daryl and Nick switched our office into the back room. I really like it!

december 22, 2012

Todays best latte art.

december 23, 2012

Santa came a night early with our Christmas Eve gift. New flannel sheets!

threehundredfortyfive – threehundredfiftyone

december 10, 2012

This years ornament.

december 11, 2012

Sideways icicles outside my window.

december 12, 2012

Settled into my row of seats and set about drinking beer, listening to the Joy The Baker podcast, and writing blog posts.

december 13, 2012

Multnomah Falls from the train this morning.

december 14, 2012

Spent the morning next to my favorite river. ❤

december 15, 2012

If this were yellow, I would currently own it.

december 16, 2012

Over dressed.

threehundredthirtyeight – threehundredfortyfour

december 3, 2012

We need a dog.

december 4, 2012

I made cinnamon ornaments tonight. They smell so good! I decided since this is our first Christmas decorating, every year I’ll make a new decoration. A new tradition for our new life together.

december 5, 2012

A flower in my coffee.

december 6, 2012

Opening day at Lost Trail! Conner’s first day skiing! Pow pow!

december 7, 2012

Snowy night in Missoula! Our house is so perfect for snow.

december 8, 2012

We went up to Polson today for Hanukkah dinner at Liz’s parents house. I love this moose menorah!

december 9, 2012

Today we cut down our own Christmas tree then decorated with cinnamon ornaments, carabiners, and a tri of Finnish stars as a topper. I love Christmas!!

threehundredthirtyone – threehundredthirtyseven

november 26, 2012

Why do we not have our own dog yet?

november 27, 2012

Daryl, Nick, Conner, Lori, Tommy, Jamie, Ozzy, Debo, and I skinned and hiked up Saint Mary today. It was so beautiful!

november 28, 2012

Spent the evening baking sugar cookies and watching White Christmas at Lori and Conner’s tonight.

november 29, 2012

Brunch at The Shack today. Personal bottles of champagne for mimosas, apple-cheddar-cinnamon omelet for me, and huevos rancheros for Daryl. Nom!

november 30, 2012

Nick made us dinner tonight: brown rice with legumes, roasted butternut squash, and tofu.

december 1, 2012

After a caving adventure today we stopped by a new brewery, Kootenai River Brewing Company. The beer was great and the food, oh man, the food. Nick and I both got half pound wild Alaskan salmon burgers with garlic cream cheese and Daryl got fish and chips with the biggest hunks of Alaskan cod ever. Oh goodness.

december 2, 2012

Silly Ozzy!

threehundredtwentyfour – threehundredthirty

november 19, 2012

Healthier choices: soup and salad.

november 20, 2012

My rainy day soundtrack, always.

november 21, 2012

Our rather impressive, and extremely delicious, Friendsgiving spread. Oh gosh, so good!

november 22, 2012

I went folfing with Nick and Conner today. It was so beautiful!

november 23, 2012

This morning’s Eggnog Latte.

november 24, 2012

Working on a Saturday means I’m getting paid to knit and drink coffee.

november 25, 2012

Day one of the 2012-2013 Skison, with almost knee deep pow!