threehundredthree – threehundrednine

october 29, 2012

Silly Ozzy! The photo isn’t at all clear, but he kept picking up Liz’s alb weight.

october 30, 2012

Darn tooting’, I voted! You better get your tush our and vote too!

october 31, 2012

I am occasionally rather impressed with myself. Coming soon: a new logo for CaverPilot.

november 1, 2012

We drove over to Great Falls today for a bat meeting with the Forest Service, and of course stopped by to see the kids. I adore these kids, so, so, so very much.

november 2, 2012

I’ve owned this bookcase for 6 years and have never placed it in this direction (which I think is actually the way it’s “supposed” to go). I think I like it!

november 3, 2012

Oz-man has been pretty bummed since Nick is off in Idaho with Daryl. A tennis ball and his bear seemed to help a bit.

november 4, 2012

While the boys are away, this girl shall knit!


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