threehundredthirtyeight – threehundredfortyfour

december 3, 2012

We need a dog.

december 4, 2012

I made cinnamon ornaments tonight. They smell so good! I decided since this is our first Christmas decorating, every year I’ll make a new decoration. A new tradition for our new life together.

december 5, 2012

A flower in my coffee.

december 6, 2012

Opening day at Lost Trail! Conner’s first day skiing! Pow pow!

december 7, 2012

Snowy night in Missoula! Our house is so perfect for snow.

december 8, 2012

We went up to Polson today for Hanukkah dinner at Liz’s parents house. I love this moose menorah!

december 9, 2012

Today we cut down our own Christmas tree then decorated with cinnamon ornaments, carabiners, and a tri of Finnish stars as a topper. I love Christmas!!


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