threehundredsixyfour – threehundredsixtyfive

december 30, 2013

A great way to spend the morning.

december 31, 2013

Daryl’s coworker Johnny has the cutest puppy named Grandpa!


threehundredfiftyseven – threehundredsixtythree

december 23, 2013


december 24, 2013

A perfect breakfast.

december 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Daryl and Katt!

december 26, 2013

Daryl and I drove back to Portland this morning from Astoria. We turned a corner on hwy 26 and saw some cars pulled over, then noticed this flipped truck. We of course stopped and Daryl saved the day by helping a woman who was trapped get out. Since my Daddy was a paramedic and a corpsman in the Coast Guard for most of my life, and therefore was always stopping for wrecks, I’m very thankful Daryl was also a paramedic and always stopping for wrecks.

december 27, 2013

After wandering Alberta for a bit, I decided to treat myself to a decadent waffle. So yummy!

december 28, 2013

I love this plant-sculpture! Succulents in pipes!

december 29, 2013

Sunset from the Timberline parking lot on Mt. Hood.

threehundredfifty – threehundredfiftysix

december 16, 2013

The sunset was really beautiful on the drive from Missoula to Portland today.

december 17, 2013

My favorite kind of lunch.

december 18, 2013

I looked out the window and every single one of these birds flew in and landed at the exact same time.

december 19, 2013

Proud of myself for working out this morning.

december 20, 2013

GRADES WERE POSTED!! I got straight As! 3.95 is my highest gpa, ever!

december 21, 2013

Amazing breakfast (as usual) at Grain & Gristle this morning. Sage apple sausage, two eggs over easy, biscuit and gravy, and potato terrain (not shown).

december 22, 2013

My parents, Daryl, and I went to Oregon Ballet Theatre’s The Nutcracker this afternoon. Daryl had never seen The Nutcracker before!

threehundredfortythree – threehundredfortynine

december 9, 2013

Sue Ann looks best covered in snow.

december 10, 2013

I love store cats!

december 11, 2013

This photo of Debo wearing a headband is what will get me through finals.

december 12, 2013

Eleven of my favorite people tonight at Clare’s house.

december 13, 2013

Debo is a ladies man.

december 14, 2013

First day of the skison! Great first day on the slopes, and I ran into some friends in the lodge!

december 15, 2013

Several months ago Daryl hulked my visor off my car and the post broke off inside. Today I finally got around to fixing it – I enjoy being a girl capable of doing things with tools.

threehundredthirtysix – threehundredfortytwo

december 2, 2013

Daryl said his good-byes tonight. It’s always heartbreaking when dogs get sick.

december 3, 2013

Opening night!
photo credit: William Munoz

december 4, 2013

Glad I drank a cup of coffee at 9pm, because I busted out homework like nobodies business.

december 5, 2013

Got some snuggles and photos with Aspen tonight.

december 6, 2013

Rest in peace, Aspen.

december 7, 2013

Closing night!
photo credit: William Munoz

december 8, 2013

While I hate when he has to leave, I do love finding new love notes.

threehundredtwentynine – threehundredthirtyfive

november 25, 2013

Another beautiful sunset tonight.

november 26, 2013

First tech tonight.
“Should (not)”, choreographed by Clare Edgerton.
Photo credit: William Munoz.

november 27, 2013

Spent the day with Liz’s Mama’s German Shepards. One of these days, Maxwell will grow into his ears.

november 28, 2013

Missoula Friendsgiving: Hutterite turkey, stuffing, dressing, cranberry sauce, pasta salad, four pumpkin pies, key lime pie, cranberry-raspberry pie, and 12+ four packs of Fort George beer!

november 29, 2013

Sue Ann got new tires today!

november 30, 2013

When the old girl is diagnosed with bone cancer, the old girl gets beer in a bowl.

december 1, 2013

Final tech tonight.
“Growing Back”, choreographed by Emily Vascimini. Photo credit: William Munoz.

threehundredtwentytwo – threehundredtwentyeight

november 18, 2013

So many bottles for recycling at Bayern today.

november 19, 2013

Happy birthday, Emily!

november 20, 2013

Tonight Nathan took photos for Clare’s research piece. I love the way this one turned out!
[photo credit: Nathan Snow]

november 21, 2013


november 22, 2013

30° sunset.

november 23, 2013

Tonight Brooke, Arina, Emily, and I went to see Clare and Sydoney sing at a cabaret, then we went back to their house and sang karaoke. I love my friends!

november 24, 2013

AH-MAZING sunset tonight!