threehundredseventeen – threehundredtwentythree

november 12, 2012

I’m fairly certain Debo hates Nick. You could not convince me otherwise. Even if you show me several photos of Debo trying to sit on Nick’s lap.
Nope. He definitely hates Nick.

november 13, 2012

Awesome compass outside of Hunter Bay Coffee.

november 14, 2012

This mornings latte art.

november 15, 2012

Daryl, Nick, Jess, and I went to Devil Makes Three tonight at the Wilma. Oh my goodness, such a great show! Even if we didn’t automatically compare it to the Devil Makes Three show we saw at the Roseland in Portland (note: don’t ever go to the Roseland), it was awesome. D found us great floor seats for the last half of the show and ugh, it was so good.

november 16, 2012

Date Night is my favorite night in the entire world. Tonight we went out to eat at Iza, an Asian restaurant, and saw “Sleepwalk With Me” at the Wilma. If you are in Missoula, eat at Iza. Try your hardest to see Sleepwalk With Me. They are both amazing.
Also? My sweet Explorer is the cutest ever.

november 17, 2012

I got the piece of my light I was missing in the mail today from Fireworks. We now have an overhead light!

november 18, 2012

I love spaghetti on Sundays more than I love spaghetti on any other day of the week.


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