onehundredeightyseven – onehundrednintythree

july 6, 2015


july 7, 2015

The Knot is very useful for planning, but the enforcement of traditional gender roles is driving me crazy. #smashthepatriarchy

july 8, 2015

Daryl recently moved the basket from his 1979 Schwinn Suburban to mine. Lady looks good all dressed up!

july 9, 2015

Small improvements in the kitchen.

july 10, 2015

1am zucchini bread was a brilliant decision.

july 11, 2015

A surprise bookmark from last summer. Also, Clare and I are reading the books across the world from each other right now!

july 12, 2015

I found myself missing my Emily, Arina, and Jessie this morning. Coffee cup to the rescue!


onehundredfiftytwo – onehundredfiftyeight

june 1, 2015

Rapelling in Papoose Cave.
[photo by Brian Gindling]

june 2, 2015

We couldn’t believe how green Idaho was on the drive home today.

june 3, 2015

Giant strawberries!

june 4, 2015

Daryl bought me a hammock as an early birthday present and it arrived today and I plan on spending the entire summer here.

june 5, 2015

If you need me, I plan on spending the entire weekend in hammock land.

june 6, 2015

Liz and I had an iced coffee and then beer date from Oregon to Montana today.

june 7, 2015

So many itty bitty hole punches.

onehundredthirtyeight – onehundredfortyfour

may 18, 2015

I’ve been wanting to read this book since it came out and today I discovered we’re performing in his studio.

may 19, 2015

I love this gorgeous lady so much!

may 20, 2015

I bought Margaret a new case and she looks so much prettier!

may 21, 2015

Summer break has finally started!

may 22, 2015

I have settled on my summer uniform: Chacos, trail pants that roll to shorts, Prana tank, and a cardigan for the morning.

may 23, 2015

Training for a harder trip. [Note: the cooler did not come with us.]

may 24, 2015

If I wasn’t on my skis, I was in Nick’s hammock. Talk about a great weekend!

twohundredtwentythree – twohundredtwentynine

august 11, 2014

I got to hang out with this cutey today so Amy could have a day to hang with her friends before the wedding on Saturday. Any excuse to hold a baby!

august 12, 2014

The Tin Bucket has become our regular spot to meet when D gets off work. I dig it.

august 13, 2014

My favorite meal: wild caught Alaskan Salmon, corn on the cob, and Fort George Vortex.

august 14, 2014

Finishing up an AMAZING book with freshly painted nails.

august 15, 2014

I need this bumpersticker. Whenever people ask if I have an umbrella, I laugh and respond “no, I’m from Seattle. We don’t believe in umbrellas.”

august 16, 2014

Hands down my favorite moment at weddings. Congratulations Chris, Amy, and baby Henry!

august 17, 2014

Since school starts in a week from tomorrow, I’m reinstating Sunday Shower Beer and Bluegrass.

twohundredsixteen – twohundredtwentytwo

august 4, 2014

I finally made it!

august 5, 2014

We biked over to Old Town Pizza tonight. I’m glad we’ve become bike people.

august 6, 2014

We had an amazing dinner with Chris, Amy, and baby Henry tonight.

august 7, 2014

Weekday date nights are the best. We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel at Laurelhurst Theater then got a beer at Beulahland.

august 8, 2014

I am glad I’ve become a person who eats plates of carrots.

august 9, 2014

Daryl certainly knows the way to my heart – he bought me three new books at Powell’s, then we had burgers, beer, and friends at little big burger.

august 10, 2014

After running errands (including getting ice cream at Salt & Straw!), we went to Kelly Point Park for sunset. So, so, so beautiful.

twentyseven – thirtythree

january 27, 2014

First day of the semester! We Are Montana. Go Griz!

january 28, 2014

Between classes.

january 29, 2014

Campus is so pretty in the snow.

january 30, 2014

Debo is a vicious Pit Bull.

january 31, 2014

Campus is covered in snow.

february 1, 2014

Nick and I went to SnowBowl today. It was my first time, and most probably my last. I will very gladly drive 1.5 hours to Lost Trail (versus 30 minutes to SnowBowl) for a cheaper lift ticket and way better snow and terrain, thank you very much.

february 2, 2014


six – twelve

january 6, 2014

Coffee shop sitting.

january 7, 2014

A “new” keyboard to go with my “new” Cinema Display!

january 8, 2014

While Daryl is at work, I will sit at Powell’s and read books all day.

january 9, 2014

This is very dangerous.

january 10, 2014

Captured By Porches beer bus!

january 11, 2014

He is so handsome.

january 12, 2014

So happy to see my Becky-girl tonight!