threehundredten – threehundredsixteen

november 5, 2012

My super delicious thrown together dinner: onions, garlic, corn, green beans, chicken, rice, and soy sauce. Yum!!

november 6, 2012

Ozzy and I hiked up to the M today. He’s such a great dog. I definitely miss having a four-legged hiking partner.

november 7, 2012

I had just commented that I some how missed out on sunrises on my way to work (it went from light out when I ride to dark out when I ride with no in-between), but then the time change happened and the sky was on fire. It was unbelievable this morning.

november 8, 2012

Lazy morning with coffee.

november 9, 2012

I’ve wanted to try etnrelac for a while and finally dove into it today. It’s so easy! I’m super excited for my scarf once it’s finished.

november, 10, 2012

So very glad out heat went out yesterday.

november 11, 2012

Today is a day for layers and coffee.


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