twohundredeightysix – twohundrednintytwo

october 19, 2015

Second dress!

october 20, 2015

Keeping myself occupied in the green room.

october 21, 2015

My Clare-love bought me opening night flowers!

october 22, 2015

One singular sensation!

october 23, 2015


october 24, 2015

My parents and Grandma came to town to see A Chorus Line! I love them so very much.

october 25, 2015

Team Rejects.

twohundredseventynine – twohundredeightyfive

october 12, 2015

Clare and I took a walk along the river, then ate ice cream before the first day of tech. Missoula is so pretty in the fall.

october 13, 2015

Daryl sent me this just because card and I laughed and I cried.

october 14, 2015

I woke up this morning to a photo of the sunrise in Astoria. I can’t wait to go home over break.

october 15, 2015

Some days you just gotta lay on the stage and stare at the grid.

october 16, 2015

Cue-to-cue homework time.

october 17, 2015

We ran finale in our costumes for the first time tonight and holy crap we look so good!

october 18, 2015

Celebratory “I don’t have to go to campus” Sunday banana chocolate chip pancakes.

twohundredseventyeight – twohundredeightyfour

october 5, 2015

I’m really into layering dance clothes. Leo, capri pants, sweat pants, tank top, long sleeve base layer down vest.

october 6, 2015

Dance Up Close focus.

october 7, 2015

My favorite kind of day.

october 8, 2015

Gab got engaged today and I found out during rehearsal and I spent the rest of the night grinning like an idiot. Yay love!

october 9, 2015

We clearly don’t use onion and garlic in every single thing we make in the Wayward Hippie House.

october 10, 2015

Focus focus focus, all day long.

october 11, 2015

AHH WE FINALLY ALL HAD TIME TO SKYPE! I miss their faces so much.

twohundredseventyone – twohundredseventyseven

september 28, 2015

Today I got my first pair of t-strap character shoes. 13-year-old me feels very grown up right now.

september 29, 2015

I forgot the theatre majors aren’t used to seeing us dancers after getting cupping done until I took off my sweatshirt and heard gasps.

september 30, 2015

Considering as soon as I saw the location of the brewery I thought “There’s a brewery in Darby?!”, I’d say their bumpersticker is a good one.

october 1, 2015

We will conquer the LEDs.

october 2, 2015

For the first time I’m going to PT for preventative maintenance.

october 3, 2015

Ladies of the light shop.

october 4, 2015

A couple weeks ago the washer died. Daryl scored us a brand new one (and a new dryer that wo’nt fit in the house) for $50!

twohundredfiftyseven – twohundredsixtythree

september 14, 2015

A magical beer to end my Monday.

september 15, 2015

“Obama is not a foreign born, brown skinned, anti-war socialist who gives away healthcare, you’re thinking of Jesus.”

september 16, 2015

I needed to up my sparkle quota this week.

september 17, 2015

My preferred fall aesthetic is Patagonia and plaid.

september 18, 2015

Hello, gorgeous.

september 19, 2015

The laundry mat is a surprisingly productive place.

september 20, 2015

Freezer meal #2 of the weekend.

twohundredfifty – twohundredfiftysix

september 7, 2015

Making the most of the day off by making freezer meals.

september 8, 2015

I finished reading Hamlet today. Sending love to my 2_liners.

september 9, 2015

It is too early in the semester to have sticky notes detailing what needs to be done when in the day.

september 10, 2015

Preparing for U/RTA tables tomorrow.

september 11, 2015


september 12, 2015

One of the more useful things I’ve learned on pinterest is you can freeze ricotta. I only ever use a 1/2 cup at a time, but the smallest size container is 15oz. This saves the day!

september 13, 2015

I love soup. I love making soup. I love eating soup. I love soup.