four – ten

january 4, 2016

So many classes, so little money.

january 5, 2016

PDX carpet socks and my first pair of new sneakers in nearly four years.

january 6, 2016

Two weeks back in Oregon and my curl has begun to return.

january 7, 2016

We went out with Christopher, Amy, and Henry tonight. He’s such a cutie!

january 8, 2016

My favorite packing list.

january 9, 2016

You said it, stop sign.

january 10, 2016

Happy Seventh Anniversary to this wonderful man. I’m thankful for every single day.


twohundredtwentytwo – twohundredtwentyeight

august 10, 2015

A gorgeous, but hot, day to hike into Green Fork.

august 11, 2015

Wilderness kitchen with a view that can’t be beat.

august 12, 2015

Wilderness paradise.

august 13, 2015

Bolt climbin’.

august 14, 2015

Stormy sunset.

august 15, 2015

Making history.

august 16, 2015

Beware the Ginger Squatch!

onehundrednintyfour – twohundred

july 13, 2015

So many brand new pairs of pointe shoes that I’ll probably never wear…

july 14, 2015

I had a $10 gift certificate to the Trail Head that I needed to use before I left. New socks for me!

july 15, 2015

Getting Sue Ann ready for our road trip!

july 16, 2015

Wyoming can be kind of pretty.

july 17, 2015

My first solo camping night is in the books!

july 18, 2015

I had planned on hiking a lot longer, but thunder, lighting, and pouring down rain had other plans.

july 19, 2015

Relaxing before the start of the workshop tomorrow.

onehundredfiftynine – onehundredsixtyfive

june 8, 2015

The Open Space looks so weird without the marley, cyc, lights, and black curtains.

june 9, 2015

One of the most beautiful sunsets tonight.

june 10, 2015

Missoula sunsets are killing it recently.

june 11, 2015

I think at age 27 years, 11 months, 2 weeks, 1 day I learned how to properly pack for a two week trip.

june 12, 2015

Into the sunset.

june 13, 2015

I do love driving toward Mt. Hood.

june 14, 2015

Oneta Gorge.

nineteen – twentyfive

january 19, 2015

Talk about a PERFECT day at Lost Trail! Powder, some blue clouds, and my love.

january 20, 2015


january 21, 2015

My handsome love and I hiked up to the M today after rehearsal.

january 22, 2015

Today my window and my mason jar got into a freak accident. Mustache duct tape to the rescue.

january 23, 2015

Sparkle, loves, sparkle.

january 24, 2015

I love this girl.

january 25, 2015

A blanket of fog on my drive to school this morning.

January 10, 2015 – Sharkey and Gold Bug Hot Springs 6th Anniversary Trip

For our anniversary this year, we decided to go on a hot springs trip. My favorite! Before we left, Daryl read about a hot springs near Salmon, ID – Sharkey Hot Springs. Since we have to drive through Salmon to get to Gold Bug, we decided to check it out. Based on information online, we were unsure we’d be able to get to the springs because of snow. We were very pleasantly surprised to find the road to plowed all the way to the parking lot! The hot springs are maintained by the BLM and there is a small day-use fee ($3). But considering that means the pools are cleaned once a week, there is a fire pit, heated changing rooms, and bathrooms, I’d say $3 is more than reasonable! My handsome love. After our soak at Sharkey’s, we hit the road to Gold Bug Hot Springs, one of my favorite place on the planet. The trail was predictably icy, so we made a few detours off the main trail as to not die. We made it to our favorite camp site about half way up to the springs and set up camp. I love that we set camp up so quickly and efficiently now. We both set up the tent, then while Daryl put the stakes in, I set up our beds inside. After getting our sleeping quarters arranged, we went off in search of wood for a fire. Just through some trees from our camp site, The Explorer hit jackpot with a super dry dead tree. We carried it in pieces back to camp and then started breaking down and sorting the branches. We had to baby the fire a bit, but no where near as bad as a fire we built on Shi-Shi Beach for a friends birthday years ago – it took 6 hours to get that one going! After we got the fire going, Daryl made dinner. Boil water, pour into Mountain House package, stir, wait 9 minutes, and voila! This was the best anniversary we’ve had. Daryl has moved home and we are in such a great place and I love him so very much. I fall more in love with him every single day. I don’t know how it’s possible, as every day my heart is completely full with love for him. And spending our anniversary hiking and soaking was so perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary dinner. After dinner, we packed a bag to head up to the hot springs. I went to get something from my backpack and when I turned around, Daryl managed to make an already perfect day more wonderful. As soon as he asked me to marry him, I burst into tears. I couldn’t believe it was really, actually, finally happening! Everything about it was absolutely perfect. I could not have asked for a more perfect, more amazing, more us proposal. I am so thankful for Daryl. I am so thankful I get to spend the rest of my life with him. After some celebrating, we started the hike up to the hot springs and spend a wonderful three hours soaking by ourselves.

I couldn’t take the smile off my face on the drive to Lost Trail to ski the next morning.

Here’s to the last six years and to forever after. I love you, Daryl Scott Greaser. I cannot wait to be your wife.