twohundredsixteen – twohundredtwentytwo

august 4, 2014

I finally made it!

august 5, 2014

We biked over to Old Town Pizza tonight. I’m glad we’ve become bike people.

august 6, 2014

We had an amazing dinner with Chris, Amy, and baby Henry tonight.

august 7, 2014

Weekday date nights are the best. We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel at Laurelhurst Theater then got a beer at Beulahland.

august 8, 2014

I am glad I’ve become a person who eats plates of carrots.

august 9, 2014

Daryl certainly knows the way to my heart – he bought me three new books at Powell’s, then we had burgers, beer, and friends at little big burger.

august 10, 2014

After running errands (including getting ice cream at Salt & Straw!), we went to Kelly Point Park for sunset. So, so, so beautiful.


onehundredthirtynine – onehundredfortyfive

may 19, 2014

I love this town. A warm, late evening rain shower was exactly the perfect way to finish off my first day not on campus with zero responsibilities in months.

may 20, 2014

The rivers are SO HIGH right now!

may 21, 2014

Talk about a perfect day!

may 22, 2014

Liz, Tommy, and Debo are all packed up. I can’t believe they leave for Oregon tomorrow!

may 23, 2014

Went to Target to buy a box fan today. It’s been pretty warm recently and this was the very last one on the shelft! I was very happy to discover that it was made in the USA!

may 24, 2014

Always reppin’ Fort George. Their new IPA is DELICIOUS!!

may 25, 2014

A perfect way to spend a Sunday if you ask me!

onehundredeighteen – onehundredtwentyfour

april 28, 2014

Springtime in Missoula is so wonderful.

april 29. 2014

Opening night of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the University of Montana. Even though I helped build the set this semester, I gasped when I finally saw it all together. (And don’t worry, it was intermission when I snapped this photo!)

april 30, 2014

Sunday days require lunch outside.

may 1, 2014

Debo Jones, Guard Deg.

may 2, 2014

Liz got a job at the hospital where she was interning, so I sent her a beer-cheers from Missoula.

may 3, 2014

Rice crackers really are the perfect base for hippie snacks.

may 4, 2014

Star Wars Day ice cream: Wookies and Cream & The Dark Side.

onehundredfour – onehundredten

april 14, 2014

I’ve taken to eating lunch outside so I can enjoy the beautiful weather on days I would otherwise spend all of daylight indoors.

april 15, 2014

A polka-dotted manicure.

april 16, 2014

Strawberry season has arrived!

april 17, 2014

Clearly, tandem skateboarding is the best way to travel.

april 18, 2014

Emily, Arina, and I went to the new ice cream shop, Sweet Peaks, after the Bare Bait show tonight. Yum!

april 19, 2014

Daryl, Chadler, and I watched a surfer and high schoolers taking prom photos for a bit tonight while the sun set.

april 20, 2014

A perfect Sunday hike up Kootenai Creek.

ninety – nintysix

march 31, 2014

Sydoney is a doll and made dinner for all us ACDFA volunteers. Jackie brought her roomie’s new puppy Titan, so after filling our bellies, we filled our laps!

april 1, 2014

The Bitterroot Flower Shop donated the most beautiful bouquets for ACDFA this week!

april 2, 2014

How dancers strike without a ladder. (Featuring: the ladder behind the flat.)

april 3, 2014

Day two of ACDFA, here we go!

april 4, 2014

1am selfie: I spent 17+ hours at school today and have to be back in less than 7 hours.

april 5, 2014

Dolled up for Gala!

april 6, 2014

First day post-ACDFA: iced coffee, blue skies, and puppers in the back yard.

seventysix – eightytwo

march 17, 2014

First Dress!
[photo credit: William Munoz]

march 18, 2014

Final Dress!
[photo credit: Tim Carlisle]

march 19, 2014

Opening Night!

march 20, 2014

I spend the entirety of Cadence dancing at the people on stage.

march 21, 2014

Baby Swans!
[photo credit: Tim Carlisle]

march 22, 2014

Daryl, Chadler, Mike, and I went flying this afternoon. We flew south of the Bitterroot Mountains and it was so very beautiful. I love this state so immensley.

march 23, 2014

Princess Club rehearsal!

sixtynine – seventyfive

march 10, 2014

Tech week.

march 11, 2014

It was a beautiful sunset tonight.

march 12, 2014

I’m always happy when I catch a beautiful day outside of a building!

march 13, 2014

Jessie and I had to keep ourselves entertained during tech somehow.

march 14, 2014

The most vicious pit bull made more vicious by leather.

march 15, 2014

The Enduring Season, choreographed by Jes Mullette. I love the way the gobo looks on the wall.

march 16, 2014

The most accurate representation of my double major to date.