threehundredfiftynine – threehundredsixtyfive

december 24, 2012

Sunset on Christmas Eve. You can’t see in the photo, but it was snowing!

december 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

december 26, 2012

I’m confused. Are you implying you have a Master of Fine Arts in Elk?

december 27, 2012

Nick made these awesome Salmon croquettes for dinner tonight. Yummy!

december 28, 2012

A snowy walk home from Liz and Tommy’s tonight.

december 29, 2012

We finally checked the mail today and got the box of stuff I left in Oregon (including my haul from Powells, the top nine books) and our Christmas presents from my parents (the Joy the Baker cookbook and the Smitten Kitchen cookbook). I love books!

december 30, 2012

I’ve always hated not knowing exactly how many beans to put in the French press, so today I rewatched this beautiful video from Sprouted Kitchen and pulled out the kitchen scale. It was a perfect cup of coffee.


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