2011 in review


  • 1/2 – Daryl and I tackle Sue Ann’s sunroof. After spending $500 of various and a sundry parts to fix her, it ended up being a $5 solution. We photo documented it and The Explorer finally posted a how-to so other people don’t have to suffer like I did.
  • 1/10 – Our two year anniversary! Time flies when you’re crazy in love!
  • 1/21-22 – New Vision Dance Company performs Cold, Cold Heart at IDT’s Winterfest show. My parents are in town for a coin show, so they come to the show and we grab dinner after.
  • I found myself becoming really homesick. I decide that after my lease is up in November I’ll move back to Oregon.
  • Daryl’s Mom had surgery to remove tumors from the pancreatic cancer.
  • I started to think about going back to school and decide I’d like to finish my degree at OU and be a Duck.
  • It snowed in Seattle!


  • 2/5 – Last November when I posted a sign for the New Vision show at the Perennial Tea Room, Lisa told me I should audition for her dance company. I missed the first one, but was brave and went to the second one. I almost didn’t go. I almost let my insecurity get the best of me, but I went. I am so happy I did! I was so exhilarated after and that night I found out I was the newest member of 127th St Dance Company!
  • 2/5 – B came to town again! I met her in Bellevue and had great fun drinking overpriced drinks. I love her face!
  • 2/12-14 – I made a trip home for Valentine’s Day. The Explorer and I have a delicious date at Baked Alaska.
  • 2/17-19 – I make another trip home (I said I was homesick!). Nick came out to the coast as well, so we hike, then party down with Orin, Shelley, Alex, and Riana.
  • Becky is a wine drinker and I’ve mostly been a beer drinker. She finally converts me to her delicious ways of vino and it is awesome.
  • My homesickness gets even worse. For a little while I contemplated moving home and driving up for rehearsals. Thankfully I realized that was a terrible idea.
  • It snows in Seattle again!


  • 3/1 – Right as I am informed that I was just hired as a season worker at the chocolate shop in Bellevue, I am called for an interview at a bakery. I interview, work a test shift, and am hired within three days!
  • 3/9 – I start working at Sugar! Man, I love making coffee!
  • 3/11-13 – Daryl comes up to Seattle for a weekend. His friend Lee had invited us to ski with her at Mt. Baker earlier in the season, so we make the trip up. So much snow! At the ski shop in Glacier we find a pair of AWESOME AT boots for me. Practically brand new boots for $150!
  • 3/18-21 – Daryl’s friend from college came out to visit for the weekend. We skied and camped at Mt. St. Helens and then spent Monday at Meadows (I of course checked in on foursquare and earned my Ski Bum Badge).
  • 3/25 – Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater came to Seattle. Becky bought her ticket months ago and convinced me to buy a last minute one the day of. We dressed up and went to the show. It was awesome. Not the best Ailey show I’ve seen (the show I saw in high school was AMAZING), but it is always great to see one of the great American dance companies perform. After we head to Broadway Grille and a couple guys bought us drinks.
  • 3/26-27 – I head back down to Portland to ski!
  • I continue to be homesick. It feels like every day is worse.


  • 4/8-9 – I head back to Portland to ski. Daryl, Nick, and I head up the mountain on Friday night and camp in the Sno-Park parking lot. We woke up and were 5 minutes from Meadows! After arriving nice and early to the hill, we make a delicious pancake breakfast and are awarded “500 gnar points, man!” by a boarder walking past.
  • 4/14 – All semester Becky has been rehearsing Pas de Quartre for the Cornish Dance Theatre show. Her Dad, John, came to town and we watched in awe. Becky is so, so, so beautiful.
  • 4/16-18 – Daryl comes to Seattle. It doesn’t rain, so we wander Seattle and Pike Place. Even though I worked there for several months, I see the gum wall for the first time!
  • 4/20 – After tech rehearsal at Washington Hall, Dana and I had an AMAZING rehearsal with Barbara and Rochelle at Seattle Center. I can’t pin-point exactly why, but it was the best rehearsal I’ve ever had in my entire life.
  • 4/22-23 – 127th St Dance Company performs in All4One Dancpolooza. Very sadly Dana fell down a flight of stairs on her way to the first performance, so we were down a dancer. =(
  • 4/26 – Selena brought in a coupon for a free hair cut at Seven in Bellevue, so I snag a $50+ hair cut for free. Got a small trim and some layers.
  • 4/29-5/2 – Kevin called Daryl and said Barbara was back in the hospital and we needed to get down there immediately. I made arrangements with work and rehearsals and drove home as soon as I could.
  • I finally got my gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness and start going fairly regularly.
  • I was homesick most of the month and completely over being away from Daryl. The 1st marked a year of us being apart and it was no fun.


  • 5/1 – After talking to Barbara himself, D decides Kevin was slightly exaggerating, so instead of driving down as soon as I got there, we fly down the next day. I am so, so, so thankful we went.
  • 5/7 – Last weekend of skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows. I logged 8 days on the slopes this skison.
  • 5/13 – Melissa had an extra ticket to see Guys & Dolls at 5th Avenue, so I hang with the Gould’s for the evening!
  • 5/15 – New Vision starts rehearsal for IDT’s recital.
  • 5/16-17 – I drive home to Astoria for the weekend to give Daryl some love and support.
  • 5/21 – 127th St Dance Company performs at the Maple Valley Arts Council. We are awesome, the end.
  • 5/30 – B comes to visit again!! I love when she’s here and wish she didn’t live so far away.
  • Barbara is back in the hospital and makes a bad turn for the worse.


  • 6/3-6 – We make an emergency trip to Eugene. I drove to Portland, we picked Mike up from the airport, and then we drove to Eugene. We spend the evening at the hospital. Barbara came to for a bit the next morning while Mike was with her, but then died later that evening while we were at her house in Oakridge. My poor sweet darling lost his Mom.
  • 6/4 – D’s birthday. We tried to make the best of it and I took him out for breakfast at our favorite Off The Waffle, but it was a hard day.
  • 6/10 – Molly moves into Becky’s room for the summer! I was bummed to lose my Becky-girl for the summer, but Molly is awesome, so it was a good summer.
  • 6/17 – New Vision Dance Company performs at IDT’s recital.
  • 6/22 – Rochelle, Barbara, and friends were getting drinks in my neck of the city, so I spend the evening with those awesome ladies.
  • 6/24-26 – Daryl came to Seattle for my birthday!
  • 6/25 – Amy was in Seattle after dropping Mikayla off at the airport, so we get breakfast at Saley’s before D and I head off for our seaplane ride! It was AMAZING. The Explorer got to fly the whole time and we landed at Bainbridge Island and over in Lake Washington before coming back to Lake Union. After, we pack up all our stuff, went to Black Raven Brewing in Redmond, got ice cream in Woodinville, and camped in Skykomish.
  • 6/27-28 – I went home for my actual birthday and had a nice and relaxing day. On Tuesday Mama and I went down to Manzinita and explored. It’s a cute little town!
  • 6/29 – 127th St Dance Company performs at Boeing Everett as part of their Diversity Event.
  • As per usual, I was homesick. I’m not sure if all my trips home were making it better or worse. My tolerance for the city was waning.


  • 7/1 – A really good friend from Virginia, Matt, died at age 28 from pneumonia. It seems so crazy that someone so young can die from such a common illness.
  • 7/3 – After work Selena, Erin, Ashley, Ashley, Kim, and I go out for drinks on the Hill. It was really nice to hang out while not in the bakery.
  • 7/4 – I spend the 4th of July hanging out with Rochelle. Her friend Dana has an apartment one block down the hill from mine with a great view of the fireworks.
  • 7/7 – While checking facebook on a break during rehearsal I find out that Ari died. Later that night I found out she killed herself. I drank an entire bottle of wine and spent the evening watching videos of her singing while sobbing.
  • 7/16 – 127th St Dance Company presents: Ignite! Ari’s service was that morning, so I was basically a mess. The show went so, so, so well though! I’m so proud of all of my fellow dancers. I am so thankful for all of their strength and love, especially in the week leading up to the show. It was a really hard one and I’m sure I would’ve completely fallen apart had I not had rehearsals to look forward to and their love surrounding me 24/7.
  • 7/22 – Megan caught a ride to Seattle with Daryl the weekend of my show, so I had a passenger on my drive home. The drive is so much faster with a friend!
  • 7/24 – Daryl and I go to Indian Beach and surf! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! D said he’s never seen me smile that much for that long.
  • 7/29 – Mike flew into SeaTac and I picked him up and drove him to meet up with Saville and their kids. Mike is great and I adore those kids.
  • 7/30 – Charlotte had a Lughnasadh feast at her house, so I pulled myself out of my head and had a great time. I’m sad she and I stopped being friends in high school and I’m thankful Ari brought us back together, though obviously it was in the worst way imaginable.
  • Nine days after my Apple Care expired, my iPhone, Frank, died. Thankfully Apple is awesome and I walked away with a brand new phone, Frank The Second.
  • I caught the Super Funk. So much death. It was hard. It was the lowest and darkest I’ve felt in years. I felt so, so, so terrible.
  • Along with the Super Funk, I struggled a lot with the future. D and I were no longer thinking about Eugene as a place to live, so OU was out of the picture. I was so over living in the city but didn’t want to leave my dance companies. I wanted to be back home but knew I couldn’t stay in Astoria. Lots of tears.


  • 8/5 – I leave straight from work in Seattle and head down to Oakridge. That is such a long drive! 6 hours when there’s no traffic and I left during rush hour. I was very happy to see a fridge full of delicious beer and get kisses from my sweet love when I finally got there, around 1am.
  • 8/6 – Saville and the kids came out to the house and we went swimming instead of doing anything productive. I freakin’ love love LOVE those kids. I’m excited to be their Aunt one day.
  • 8/8 – After frantically organizing stuff the day before, we had the yard sale at Barbara’s house. Her neighbor’s were so wonderful and helpful. Everyone who came by had a story about her. We felt so blessed to have so much love come our way. I hope Barbara knew how loved she was.
  • 8/13 – Steph, Jana, Erin, and I went paddleboarding on Lake Union. Oh my goodness, so much fun! We paddleboarded from the south end of Lake Union all the way to the Fremont Bridge and back. After, Erin and I went out for Thai food. Yum!
  • 8/15 – Jen, the wife of one of my regular customers at Coffee Girl, died from breast cancer. I didn’t really know her, but I cried for Chris and their three kids. I knew more people who died this summer than I had my whole life previous to 2011.
  • 8/17 – Erin, Selena, and I went paddleboarding. We started in Portage Bay and paddled to Gas Works Park and back. So much fun!! This time I brought a waterproof disposable camera and decide I want to get a waterproof housing for my camera since I had already spent half the cost on two waterproof disposables and prints this summer.
  • 8/19 – Jess came back into town for a wedding, so she, Charlotte, and I got drinks. Very glad to see her in a happy setting as opposed to earlier in the summer. She just got her SAG card and I’m so proud of her!
  • 8/24 – Selena, Erin, Ashley, Alice, and I head to Lake Haller for some good ol’ fashioned floating. It was sunny and beautiful when we got there and started to rain while we were in the water, but we’re all Pacific Northwest girls and continued to swim in the rain.
  • 8/25 – 127th St Dance Company performs at Boeing Bellevue for another Diversity Event. I got a sunburn, of course.
  • 8/27 – Becky’s birthday! She was back in Seattle for the Spectrum workshop, so she, our roommate Anthony, Desiree, and I went out for dinner and drinks. Aside from an awkward run in with my high school ex on the walk back to our apartment, the night was so, so, so much fun. I spent too much money on drinks, but I was treating my Becky-girl, so it was worth it!
  • 8/28 – Becky, Anthony, and I were all slow to wake this morning after our drunken stumble home the night before. We were all in the living room and the buzzer rang. Becky answered it and buzzed someone up, but didn’t say who, so I assumed it was Desiree. She answered the door and then my honey came around the corner. Daryl came back from Montana a week early and surprised me!!! He spends the week with me before we head back to Astoria.
  • 8/31 – Charlotte invites D and I over for dinner. A delicious dinner and dessert night with Char, her adorable daughter, her Mom, and Grandma. We played with their kitten and I think I convinced him we need a cat.


  • 9/3-4 – Amy and Mikayla make a trip down 101 and spend a few days in Astoria. We hit Seaside, Fort George, and watched the sunset from the Column, and then went to Hug Point the next day. Such a great weekend with great friends!
  • 9/6 – Daryl, Megan, Chadler, and myself head out of town on our Redwoods Adventure. That night we camp near where D stayed on his first trip out West.
  • 9/7 – We make it into the Redwoods and camp at Albee Creek Campground.
  • 9/8 – We are awoken by a helicopter flying pot over our head. That day we see the Founders Grove and camp at Hooker Creek.
  • 9/9 – We drive and wander through the Lady Bird Johnson Grove. It’s spectacular.
  • 9/10 – We spend hours in the Stout Grove, then go swimming in an awesome river. That night we make it back to Oregon.
  • 9/11 – We drive up I-5 and spend 45 minutes waiting to drop Megan off at an event in Portland. Chadler, Daryl, and I get pizza and have terrible service at Hot Lips before I catch the train back to Seattle.
  • 9/18 – Before rehearsal on an almost rainy Saturday, Robin Purcell Photography took the New Vision Dance Company photos. We had a blast laughing and goofing around in the wet grass.
  • 9/21 – After putting it off for way, way, way too long, Selena and I finally change the Sue Ann’s oil. We braved the traffic and even did it while she was parked on the side of the road.
  • 9/23 – Selena and I stuck our coworkers with Friday closing and Saturday shift and we drove down to Astoria. She partied down with Daryl, Sasha, and I before disappearing. She got kidnapped to Corvallis and I didn’t see her again until Monday.
  • 9/24 – Daryl and I snagged opening shifts at the Pacific Northwest Brew Cup and poured beer all morning before getting our drink on that afternoon. We then went home and got dressed before heading to Fort George for Caz and Melissa’s wedding reception! So happy for those guys! And in the future, D and I need to make sure we have someone take a photo of us at events, because we were lookin’ good and I wish we had a better photo of us from that night.
  • 9/25 – To kick off their tour for the new album, Blind Pilot had a free show in Astoria. Originally it was to be at the column, which would’ve been amazing, but last minute it got moved to the high school. It was an AWESOME show. I’m so glad D was able to see them with me. He didn’t really know their music, but I adore them, and it was a really awesome show and he loves them now too.
  • 9/27 – I start packing up my room in preparation for D coming up to get some of my stuff. I can’t believe I’ve lived in my apartment for almost a year!
  • While walking home from work one day, I drop Frank The Second on the ground and crack the screen. I was up for a new phone at AT&T, but had no money for a new phone, so D bought an iPhone 4 and I got his [new] iPhone 3GS (Brian dropped his old one in water while they were caving this summer). I put a case on Frank The Third immediately and refuse to kill this one.


  • 10/1 – The Explorer and I treat ourselves to an amazing and delicious brunch at Broadway Grille and start planning our Year Of Awesome.
  • 10/4 – Char and I went in on two cases of apples and a case of peaches from an orchard in Yakima and today we started to can them. I’m so happy to start canning!
  • 10/8 – The Russian Orthodox church on Capitol Hill had a Taste Of Russia event this weekend, so Becky and I wandered over there. Delicious food, awesome crafts, and a great tradition singing group.
  • 10/13 – Living within sight of the flagship REI is great because they bring different athletes in for talks all the time. This month they brought Ingrid Backstrom, an amazing skier who grew up in Seattle, and The Explorer insisted on me going. I’m so glad I did! It got me even more excited for our Year of Awesome!
  • 10/18 – After parking my car on Capitol Hill for nearly a year with absolutely no problems, I discovered someone tried to steal Sue Ann. Thankfully they failed and the cops were awesome and I was able to drive away an hour and a half later like nothing happened.
  • 10/21 – I worked my last day at Sugar. I loved that job! I wish I had found it sooner. My favorite morning customer gave me a card and my favorite afternoon customer brought me flowers!
  • 10/26 – Lynne’s birthday! She, Jc, and I started at Tavern Law and then wandered our way down the Hill. I love those girls.
  • 10/29 – Daryl drove up the night before, then we woke up and got a UHaul. We managed to pack up my entire apartment in about an hour! After we were done, we drove out to Woodinville to meet up with Amy and friends for a winetasting. They invite us to a Halloween party they’re going to and party the night away in Bellevue. I drank an entire bottle of wine (apropos since I was a Wino) and we danced in the street. [My 10 hour rehearsal the next day was awesome.]
  • 10/31 – I spent my entire Halloween cleaning the apartment. I can’t believe we moved in a year ago!


  • 11/1 – After moving out of the iLiad, I temporarily move in to Becky’s new apartment. It’s so cute!
  • 11/4-5 – New Vision Dance Company presents: Harvest! The show was AWESOME. My parents came with my Grandma. Karyn, one of my favorite teachers in high school, came. Annie and Barbara came. Gabi and Sven came. Char came. Daryl, Nick, Alex, and Riana came. It was so great. After the last show D and I partied with company members before heading back to the hotel to watch ski porn with Nick.
  • 11/6 – I move home!!!!!!! So, so, so, so, so happy to be back with my sweet love!!
  • 11/13 – The Devil Makes Three concert at The Roseland with Daryl and Nick. We are NEVER seeing a show there again. It’s a fire disaster waiting to happen, plus we had to wait in line for an HOUR to get in the door, an HOUR to get from the door to theatre only to discover there was an HOUR wait to get to the bar in the theatre. We head to the downstairs bar (where you can only barely hear the music) and grab a couple drinks. We head back upstairs and manage to get into the upstairs bar, to catch only three songs.
  • 11/14 – I start my job as Girl Friday at my Dad’s coin shop.
  • 11/18-20 – Daryl and I head into Portland for the weekend. On Saturday we head to Ape Cave for my first caving experience. It was so much fun! There was so much snow on the ground, we had such hope for the skison.
  • 11/20 – Ari’s Mom killed herself.
  • 11/24 – Daryl and I spend Thanksgiving with my parents. I love my family.


  • 12/3 – Daryl, Nick, Ozzy and I head up to Mt. St. Helens for our first turns of the year! The snow was terrible, but at least we were skiing.
  • 12/4 – Jc is joining the Navy, so I drove up to Seattle for her going away party. After delicious drinks with Becky we wandered over to the bowling alley and had an absolute blast!
  • 12/17 – 127th St Christmas party at Barbara’s house! It was so good see Annie, Rochelle, Barbara, and Dana again! Since Becky was already home for Christmas, I crashed at Selena’s house.
  • 12/18-20 – I spent a few days at Selena’s house and then had rehearsal with Melissa. I miss working with Selena every day, so it was so much fun to see her again!
  • 12/23 – My Grandpa died. He’s been sick for a long time and we knew it would happen at some point. I was so looking forward to spending Christmas with my Grandma, but she had to go back up to Seattle.
  • 12/24 – This year we had a “traditional” (for me) Christmas Eve. Baking, then Christmas Eve service, Chinese food, and Christmas Eve gifts. I got an awesome pair of slippers this year and D scored some new pjs. The only thing missing was The Nutcracker!
  • 12/25 – Christmas was long and wonderful this year! We woke up early and I put the cinnamon rolls in the oven while Daryl finished packing up the car. 45 minutes later, we were on the road to the mountain! We had a free pass to Timberline with no blackout dates, so we skied for Christmas! It was awesome. Amazing. Perfect. We needed a Christmas miracle because it hadn’t snowed since November, and we got it! After we were done we drove home and had Christmas dinner with my parents while we watched the original Miracle on 34th St. I am so happy my parents love The Explorer and I’m so happy he loves them too.
  • 12/30-1/2 – For New Years Eve Daryl, Nick, Ozzy, and I went up to Mt. St. Helens for a weekend skiscursion. D and I drove to Portland Friday afternoon, then the four of us ran some errands (including finding the elusive Pliny The Elder at the awesome beer store near Nick’s house) before heading to the mountain. We skinned into camp the next morning then got deeeeee-runk in the woods while ringing in the New Year. [A full trip report will be coming soon!]

I’ve written year-in-review posts in the past as well, so check out 2010 in review and 2009 in review. While you’re at it, check out The Explorer’s blog, where I’m sure he’ll post a year in a review soon too!

*Photo by Emilie Trammel Photography
**Photo by John Cornicello


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