Day Two – 12/25, Timberline

We had been praying for a Christmas miracle.
Hoping and praying and doing snow dances.
It hadn’t snowed in weeks and weeks. We had a free pass to Timberline that expired on the 28th and it was now or never. And it needed to snow.

We had contemplated joining our roommates the day before, but a warm bed and a list of errands that needed to be run kept us on the coast. I went to my parents house to prep cinnamon rolls for the morning, then The Explorer joined us for Christmas Eve service and Chinese food before opening our traditional Christmas Eve gifts of slippers and pjs.

5:30 came early, but I was a good little housewife and got up to bake cinnamon rolls. While the house filled with amazing smells, we put the last of our gear in the Subaru. 45 minutes after getting up we were on the road and left Astoria city limits by 6:30, definitely a record for us.

We made a quick stop in Longview so I could take over the driving, but then it was onwards to the hill! We caught an amazing sunrise on our drive over from the coast, but then it became a pretty typical Pacific Northwest winter day with grey clouds. It cleared up a bit as we drove to Timberline, then a cloud set upon us when we parked. By the time we had gotten our gear situated and headed towards the lodge, it was snowing!

It was such a perfect day for skiing! No lift lines and fresh pow!
It felt so good to get my ski legs back. It was my first day on groomers since May and it finally felt like things were clicking. I worked on my side slipping and definitely improved my turns. All last season D kept encouraging me to practice skiing on just one ski (there by helping me unweight my uphill ski while turning) and I finally started doing that. I didn’t get frustrated with myself when I found myself at the top of a steeper-than-anticipated run and we truly skied together all day long.

It snowed the entire time we were there, so The Explorer got his first ice beard of the ski-son! The first person we saw on our way in to lunch complimented it and said he was jealous.

We skied a couple more runs after lunch before stopping in the trees for a bit. Of course, we brought Fort George Vortex with us! I can’t wait until next season (or maybe even the end of this one) when we can have OPA in a can too!
To be honest, I’m becoming the teensiest bit Vortexed out right now. Living in a house with an unlimited supply of cans and a kegarator means I drink a lot of Vortex. Daryl and I are hoping Oatmeal Pale Ale shows up next!

We take the lift up one more time before deciding to call it a day. Approximately three minutes later, we were at the car. Shorted bail time ever!
I can’t believe how much snow fell while we were skiing. Jamie was totally covered and cars were chaining up in the parking lot. I had planned to drive back to Portland so D didn’t have to drive all the way back home, but he’s definitely a much better snow driver than I (though I’ll obviously learn quickly since we’ll be in Montana in a month!), so he took the reigns.

I am so happy we went skiing for Christmas! I had such great hopes for the progress I’d make this year as a skier and Mt. St. Helens left me with doubts. Not any more! So many things made so much more sense after just one run and Daryl said this was the best he’s ever seen me ski.

Two down, 98 to go!


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