threehundredtwentynine – threehundredthirtyfive

november 25, 2013

Another beautiful sunset tonight.

november 26, 2013

First tech tonight.
“Should (not)”, choreographed by Clare Edgerton.
Photo credit: William Munoz.

november 27, 2013

Spent the day with Liz’s Mama’s German Shepards. One of these days, Maxwell will grow into his ears.

november 28, 2013

Missoula Friendsgiving: Hutterite turkey, stuffing, dressing, cranberry sauce, pasta salad, four pumpkin pies, key lime pie, cranberry-raspberry pie, and 12+ four packs of Fort George beer!

november 29, 2013

Sue Ann got new tires today!

november 30, 2013

When the old girl is diagnosed with bone cancer, the old girl gets beer in a bowl.

december 1, 2013

Final tech tonight.
“Growing Back”, choreographed by Emily Vascimini. Photo credit: William Munoz.


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