ninety – nintysix

march 31, 2014

Sydoney is a doll and made dinner for all us ACDFA volunteers. Jackie brought her roomie’s new puppy Titan, so after filling our bellies, we filled our laps!

april 1, 2014

The Bitterroot Flower Shop donated the most beautiful bouquets for ACDFA this week!

april 2, 2014

How dancers strike without a ladder. (Featuring: the ladder behind the flat.)

april 3, 2014

Day two of ACDFA, here we go!

april 4, 2014

1am selfie: I spent 17+ hours at school today and have to be back in less than 7 hours.

april 5, 2014

Dolled up for Gala!

april 6, 2014

First day post-ACDFA: iced coffee, blue skies, and puppers in the back yard.


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