twohundredsixteen – twohundredtwentytwo

august 4, 2014

I finally made it!

august 5, 2014

We biked over to Old Town Pizza tonight. I’m glad we’ve become bike people.

august 6, 2014

We had an amazing dinner with Chris, Amy, and baby Henry tonight.

august 7, 2014

Weekday date nights are the best. We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel at Laurelhurst Theater then got a beer at Beulahland.

august 8, 2014

I am glad I’ve become a person who eats plates of carrots.

august 9, 2014

Daryl certainly knows the way to my heart – he bought me three new books at Powell’s, then we had burgers, beer, and friends at little big burger.

august 10, 2014

After running errands (including getting ice cream at Salt & Straw!), we went to Kelly Point Park for sunset. So, so, so beautiful.


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