photo365: onehundrednintythree – onehundrednintynine

july 12, 2010

I love being silly when fixing things for Daryl.

july 13, 2010

How cute is my baby? I love seeing photos of D and his two younger brothers when they were little.

july 14, 2010

Sue Ann rolled over 260,000 today! I drove 10,000 miles in just under a year (she rolled over 250,000 on July 20, 2009).

july 15, 2010

A yummy sandwich, good book, and beautiful weather – a perfect summer lunch.

july 16, 2010

We got these stickers in Eugene a couple of weekends ago. D put them near my stuff for me to remember when we went to Fort George. I of course promptly forgot. C’est la vie.

july 17, 2010

My baby rocked out at his Mom’s today. He’s pretty awesome.

july 18, 2010

Seconds before, Teewinot was resting his paws over the top of the seat.


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