3/25-28/2012, Goldbug Hot Springs

After the Cold Smoke event (which sadly, much to our dismay, did not actually involve Cold Smoke in its most delicious beer incarnation), I suddenly had an elephant sitting on my chest. We woke up in the morning, originally with plans to get first chair, but instead drove to Idaho.

Somewhere between Lost Trail and Salmon, we stopped and made ramen for breakfast. I was miserable and sick and couldn’t swallow and all I wanted was a bed and chicken noodle soup. Since a bed was not available, I settled for soup next to a beautiful river.

Just south of Goldbug Hot Springs, we pulled over and unpacked and repacked and unpacked and repacked the SKIburban. Along the way, the wind picked up and I nearly lost my pillow and I could have cried. Daryl and his ice axe saved me!

After finally getting our backpacks situated for a short hike and multi-day camp, we started up the drainage.

We scored a perfect campsite next to the river, under the trees, and close to the solar toilet.
P.S., if your boyfriend tells you it, and I quote, ‘never rains in Idaho’, immediately put the rainfly on the tent.

After setting up camp, we hiked the rest of the way to the hot springs and soaked for a little bit. We met an awesome guy named Efrain, who comes to Goldbug about once a month from Challis and always packs out trash. Aside from him, we had free reign of the pools. A couple hours after the moon came out, we headed back down to our campsite.

The next morning we woke up to rain. We made coffee and oatmeal in the tent (well, in the rain fly to prevent death) and took some awesome naps.

Since The Explorer was reading about bears, I decided I needed to read about bears as well! Have you read Winnie The Pooh recently? Oh my god, I nearly cried. I have ADORED Winnie The Pooh since I was a very small child and some how this is the first time I’ve actually read the book and it was fantastic!

That evening, after the weather finally cleared up, we made our way up to the hot springs. We had the whole place to ourselves. Again!
Goldbug is 23 miles south of Salmon, ID, population 3,112 people. So basically there is no light pollution. I saw 14 satellites!!
Around the same time we were getting ready to leave, we saw headlamps heading up the train. We got dressed and passed a couple and their dog on the bridge and fell asleep almost as soon as we got to the tent.

We hiked up to the hot springs early (ha, compared to the rest of the week) the next day. It was so beautiful!
There were a couple groups soaking in the pool, so we decided to hike up a bit beyond the springs into the canyon.

As we headed up past the hot springs, we were followed by this adorable dog. He was great! He seriously, no kidding, followed us for at least half an hour. He was awesome!

After a while we had to turn around because we ended up in a slot canyon. We eventually ended up on a boulder above the hot springs and had a great little picnic.

And we made another doggy friend!

We made our way down from the boulder and spent most of our time in the hot, hot pool since there was a huge group of people in the main pool. We were sure we would out-soak them and the couple we met the night before, but alas, they were resilient. Also, everyone was camping that night, so I think we were all trying to out-soak each other.

We got up the next morning and hiked to the pools. We again were alone! We took the opportunity to photograph all the pools before soaking.

Looking towards the main pool (on the left) and the awesome hot waterfall.

The hot, hot pool.

The second set of pools.

After photographing and soaking for a bit, I noticed the skies starting to change (“It never rains in Idaho!”). We got our stuff together and Daryl realized he hiked up in his swim trunks and therefore had to hike down either in wet shorts or nekkid. Since following his cute tush down a mountain is among my favorite activities, I did not mind the view. ;D

After getting back to the tent, completely cured of all ailments effecting me when we arrived, we packed up and headed on our ways to a new adventure!


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