twohundredtwentythree – twohundredtwentynine

august 11, 2014

I got to hang out with this cutey today so Amy could have a day to hang with her friends before the wedding on Saturday. Any excuse to hold a baby!

august 12, 2014

The Tin Bucket has become our regular spot to meet when D gets off work. I dig it.

august 13, 2014

My favorite meal: wild caught Alaskan Salmon, corn on the cob, and Fort George Vortex.

august 14, 2014

Finishing up an AMAZING book with freshly painted nails.

august 15, 2014

I need this bumpersticker. Whenever people ask if I have an umbrella, I laugh and respond “no, I’m from Seattle. We don’t believe in umbrellas.”

august 16, 2014

Hands down my favorite moment at weddings. Congratulations Chris, Amy, and baby Henry!

august 17, 2014

Since school starts in a week from tomorrow, I’m reinstating Sunday Shower Beer and Bluegrass.

twohundredsixteen – twohundredtwentytwo

august 4, 2014

I finally made it!

august 5, 2014

We biked over to Old Town Pizza tonight. I’m glad we’ve become bike people.

august 6, 2014

We had an amazing dinner with Chris, Amy, and baby Henry tonight.

august 7, 2014

Weekday date nights are the best. We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel at Laurelhurst Theater then got a beer at Beulahland.

august 8, 2014

I am glad I’ve become a person who eats plates of carrots.

august 9, 2014

Daryl certainly knows the way to my heart – he bought me three new books at Powell’s, then we had burgers, beer, and friends at little big burger.

august 10, 2014

After running errands (including getting ice cream at Salt & Straw!), we went to Kelly Point Park for sunset. So, so, so beautiful.

twohundrednine – twohundredfifteen

july 28, 2014

Sometimes I like to do something other than put my hair in a messy bun.

july 29, 2014

I whacked my elbow on the counter so very hard today. It immediately started swelling up and it’s going to be pretty tomorrow.

july 30, 2014

Roomie pic after dress rehearsal!

july 31, 2014

The struggle is real.

august 1, 2014

My jazz rep class before the show tonight!

august 2, 2014

I had no responsibilties today until ushering the IDT show in the evening, so I wandered Pearl Street. Very happy I got to enjoy the gorgeous Boulder weather!

august 3, 2014

I’m very happy I got to spend the past two weeks with these three wonderful ladies.

twohundredtwo – twohundredeight

july 21, 2014

Good morning, Boulder!

july 22, 2014

Day two of the workshop and I’ve already discovered new bruises.

july 23, 2014

A hint of sunset through the trees on campus.

july 24, 2014

Holy gorgeous sky, batman!

july 25, 2014

Interweave Dance Theatre flashmob show at Pearl Street Mall!

july 26, 2014

Setting up for tech rehearsal tomorrow. This girl got to spend three hours dancing and three hours focusing lights today and it was wonderful.

july 27, 2014

Tandem spotting at Half Fast Subs.

onehundrednintyfive – twohundredone

july 14, 2014

A perfect evening bike ride past a rose garden.

july 15, 2014

Daryl flew me back to Missoula from Portland today. We are very blessed in our life.

july 16, 2014

Maters maters maters!

july 17, 2014

My new favorite summertime drink: lemonade, sparkling water, vodka, and frozen raspberries.

july 18, 2014

Thanks for the awesome send off, fire season.

july 19, 2014

Today I found my first Free Library while wandering Boulder!

july 20, 2014

My Seattle roomie and I discovered our California and Tennessee roomies had never experienced Indian food. Clearly, we had to fix that.

onehundredeightyeight – onehundrednintyfour

july 7, 2014

I was a button making machine today.

july 8, 2014

Gabs is the sweetest.

july 9, 2014

Oh Missoula. A tandem pulling a rickshaw.

july 10, 2014

Driving through St. Regis on a hot day requires a Huckleberry Milkshake.

july 11, 2014

Ritzville, WA – where all roads lead to I-90.

july 12, 2014

My parents, Daryl, and I went down to Roseburg to visit with my Aunt, Uncle, some first cousins, a first cousin once removed, and a first cousin twice removed. It was so wonderful to see this part of my family for the first time in almost a decade (and more, in most cases).

july 13, 2014

We took our time driving back from Roseburg today and meandered through small towns. We ended up in McMinnville around dinner time, so of course we checked out the McMenamins Hotel Oregon!

onehundredeightyone – onehundredeightyseven

june 30, 2014

A gorgeous radish and the first red tomatoes!

july 1, 2014

Fish taught me a card game tonight, but I’m fairly certain he was making up the rules as he went. This “Auntie Katt” doesn’t mind!

july 2, 2014

My Podcasts app thinks I speak Danish.

july 3, 2014

A perfect first night of camping.

july 4, 2014

4th of July floating at Kreis Pond with Mike, Fisher, Ike, Nick, and Daryl. Talk about a perfect way to spend the day!

july 5, 2014

We are the ladies who float.

july 6, 2014

I say these qualify as Chaco Tan Lines.