fiftyone – fiftyseven

february 20, 2017

Three+ years ago I dropped my phone and cracked my screen. Two years ago I finally got it fixed. Two weeks later, I dropped it again and cracked my screen. A while later, it slide off a stack of things and the screen became unattached from the phone. Today, I finally got the screen fixed and placed it immediately into an OtterBox.

february 21, 2017

I’ve never seen the inside of a lighting console before.

february 22, 2017

Secret mermaid.

february 23, 2017

I spy a Christopher through the foilage.

february 24, 2017

Working on the never ending focus.

february 25, 2017

While my pasta bake was in the oven, I cleaned the kitchen. (Sometimes I adult.)

february 26, 2017

We got our tutus!


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