threehundredfive – threehundredeleven

october 31, 2016

Brussels Sprouts for daaaaaaaaaaaays.

november 1, 2016


november 2, 2016

I’m glad technology is allowing me to follow along. Come on Cubs!

november 3, 2016

Today is the best I’ve felt in weeks, if not almost two months.
When you’re a person who copes with stress by staying busy, it’s hard to tell that you’re in a funk when you *are* really busy. All semester there has been sixteen things I should be doing at all times. There was always something I needed to be doing, so I never got a chance to sit still. When I was finally in bed at 2am, I’d be awake for another hour thinking about all the stuff I had to do, all the scheduling that needed to be done, all the paperwork I had to finish.
Monday I started to decompress from the show. I read a magazine. I sat in silence. I started to realize how much of a not great headspace I’ve been in all semester.
I spent most of Tuesday in bed. I just couldn’t get up. And once I was up, it was impossible to focus or do anything. So then I slept some more. It sucked. My inclination is to say I felt like crap, but really I didn’t feel anything.
Today I feel great. I feel more like myself than I have in months and I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester (which is almost as busy as the first half has been). I feel like a person again.
I’ve struggled with depression long enough to know that just because I feel great today doesn’t mean I will tomorrow. But it also doesn’t mean I won’t.
I’m choosing to hold onto the lightness in my soul. I’m choosing to hold onto the second cup of coffee because it’s delicious (not because I need espresso shots 5-8 to keep me from falling over), the brilliant blue sky, the bright yellow leaves. I’m choosing to hold onto the feeling of the perfect temperature outside, my favorite shirt and vest combo, and time to make dinner.

november 4, 2016

The Dance Program season posters are up!

november 5, 2016

I am passing my cable dressing skills onto the Freshman and it feels good.

november 6, 2016

Here at the College of Visual and Performing Arts we believe all the art we create gives back to the community, but also believer it’s good to give back in my tangible ways as well. This morning members of the UM Dance Performance Ensemble helped clean up the streets around campus as part of Sunday Sweepers.


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