twohundrednintyeight – threehundredfour

october 24, 2016

Spent an inspiring couple of hours with my fellow Seniors.

october 25, 2016

I’m with her.

october 26, 2016

Green room shenanigans.

october 27, 2016

I’m hoping a magical bath, chicken broth, and a magazine will cure this cold.

october 28, 2016

So thankful for this amazing run crew. Definitely couldn’t’ve done this show without them.

october 29, 2016

Spent the night with these party animals. (Including a surprise Daryl!)

october 30, 2016

And we’re closed. So thankful that this was my first show and these people were my first cast.

One thought on “twohundrednintyeight – threehundredfour

  1. But Rocky De La Fuente baby!! Congrats on your first show; so happy to have seen it!! I love you! And I look at everyone of these you know ❤ ❤ ❤

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