twohundredeightyfour – twohundredninty

october 10, 2016

Dracula PR photo shoot!

october 11, 2016

Cue to cue photo courtesy of my ASM, Alpha Blaine (there’s also Omega Blain).

october 12, 2016

The University of Montana Oval is quintessentially collegiate.

october 13, 2016

Cue to cue day three and espresso shot number 800.

october 14, 2016

Milah to the rescue.

october 15, 2016

As my bestest Gab put it, some days you have to use all the coping mechanisms. Currently, I’m utilizing pizza and a beer ff campus while facing the all so no one talks to me.

october 16, 2016

One her day off, this stage manager goes grocery shopping.


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