twohundredfortynine – twohundredfiftyfive

september 5, 2016

Labor Day cooking binge: cheddar broccoli soup, curry chicken salad, and almond-fig breakfast bars.

september 6, 2016

I got to work today and found a pick from the Brandi Carlile show in my box!

september 7, 2016

I am so very continually, always thankful for this woman.

september 8, 2016

Today I found this card and my new favorite sticker in my box at work.
I’m thankful for the wonderful people in my life.

september 9, 2016

8am Dance Up Close production meetings as both the Lighting Coordinator and a Choreographer require breakfast, a quad shot mocha, and two notebooks.

september 10, 2016

Blaine and I both brought our own coffee to rehearsal today, but then Karl brought us some to share as well. Good job, Karl.

september 11, 2016

Self Care Sunday face mask.


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