twohundredtwentyeight – twohundredthirtyfour

august 15, 2016

The Great Pre-Semester Deep Clean of 2016 has officially started.

august 16, 2016

It had not been my intention to take literally everything out of the bathroom and kitchen, but here we are.

august 17, 2016

Today’s mid-cleaning mess brought to you by all the food in the pantry.

august 18, 2016

Okay, office. Your time has come.

august 19, 2016

After actively missing this candle holder for several months now, I found it while cleaning the office yesterday! Very happy to have a place for candles again.

august 20, 2016

Hammock land at the Wayward Hippie House is my favorite.

august 21, 2016

Deb liked my post!


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