twohundredfourteen – twohundredtwenty

august 1, 2016

Home in Missoula with the good stuff from home in Astoria.

august 2, 2016

I accidentally/on purpose matched my nails to my swim suit.

august 3, 2016

Local bread, olive oil, garlic slices, homemade spinach pesto, mozzarella, kosher salt, and tomatoes for D.

august 4, 2016

Free beer at Great Burn!

august 5, 2016

Orly “High on Hope” + Digital Nails “Petrichor” = my new favorite 12th manicure.

august 6, 2016

Heading off on a proper Missoula end-of-summer float!

august 7, 2016

So much fun! We didn’t see anyone else floating all day long!


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