onehundredfortyfour – onehundredfifty

may 23, 2016

Alaska Airlines is the best airline. Free beer helps.

may 24, 2016

Daryl met me at the airport last night with a sunny bouquet. Very, very happy to be with my honey for the summer.

may 25, 2016

My forever love and I took a quick trip to Tahoe today.

may 26, 2016

Hotel hammock life.

may 27, 2016

Making soup in a tiny hotel kitchen is not much different than making soup in the Wayward Hippie House kitchen.

may 28, 2016

I was in town for all of five days before a terrible California driver ran a red light and totaled our shiny new car while I was driving.

may 29, 2016

My favorite daily breakfast.


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