threehundredfortyone – threehundredfortyseven

december 7, 2015

The seam on my gutter is directly above the door handle, so when it rains you get drenched while trying to unlock the door.

december 8, 2015

Today was terrible, but my lady-love Clare gave me my very first book of poetry, so it wasn’t all bad.

december 9, 2015

Such a beautiful sight.

december 10, 2015

I am secretly Garfield.

december 11, 2015

My hair has gotten so long recently.

december 12, 2015

Today was closing night of Dance Up Close. I love these people so very much.
[photo by William Munoz]

december 13, 2015

Local sausage, potatoes from the garden, carrots, and onions.


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