twohundredeightyfive – twohundrednintyone

october 12, 2015

Clare and I took a walk along the river, then ate ice cream before the first day of tech. Missoula is so pretty in the fall.

october 13, 2015

Daryl sent me this just because card and I laughed and I cried.

october 14, 2015

I woke up this morning to a photo of the sunrise in Astoria. I can’t wait to go home over break.

october 15, 2015

Some days you just gotta lay on the stage and stare at the grid.

october 16, 2015

Cue-to-cue homework time.

october 17, 2015

We ran finale in our costumes for the first time tonight and holy crap we look so good!

october 18, 2015

Celebratory “I don’t have to go to campus” Sunday banana chocolate chip pancakes.


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