twohundredseventyone – twohundredseventyseven

september 28, 2015

Today I got my first pair of t-strap character shoes. 13-year-old me feels very grown up right now.

september 29, 2015

I forgot the theatre majors aren’t used to seeing us dancers after getting cupping done until I took off my sweatshirt and heard gasps.

september 30, 2015

Considering as soon as I saw the location of the brewery I thought “There’s a brewery in Darby?!”, I’d say their bumpersticker is a good one.

october 1, 2015

We will conquer the LEDs.

october 2, 2015

For the first time I’m going to PT for preventative maintenance.

october 3, 2015

Ladies of the light shop.

october 4, 2015

A couple weeks ago the washer died. Daryl scored us a brand new one (and a new dryer that wo’nt fit in the house) for $50!


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