threehundredseven – threehundredthirteen

november 3, 2014

I’m on a poster!

november 4, 2014

I had no intention of looking this nice when I left my house, but in order to show off the new dance shirt I needed to wear a jacket that was not grey, which meant my leather coat, which meant I needed nice shoes too.

november 5, 2014

Program 2 opening night! “You Can’t Even Imagine How Many Toes I’ve Touched”, choreographed by Emily Jay Vacsimini.
[photo by William Munoz]

november 6, 2014

I finally attacked the giant zucchini.

november 7, 2014

I love this photo!
[photo by William Munoz]

november 8, 2014

I found an Arina!

november 9, 2014

A messy desk is a sign of productivity?


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