twohundredeightysix – twohundredninteytwo

october 13, 2014

My new favorite way to get dressed is to pick the silliest socks that do not match anything I’m wearing, but make me giggle.

october 14, 2014

While I should really stop painting my nails so close to bed, I really like this color combo.

october 15, 2014

I don’t know, do you think I can coax 500 words out of this outline?

october 16, 2014

New plan: ASM gets a hat too.

october 17, 2014

I had an 8am production meeting, then came home and made myself a delicious Friday breakfast.

october 18, 2014

Nothing beats giggle-snuggle piles with my love and friends at the cast party for the show that has eaten my life.

october 19, 2014

Look at me, all relaxing and such.


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