twohundredsixtyfive – twohundredseventyone

september 22, 2014

Despite my want for it to be not-80*, I am making myself take my breaks outside.

september 23, 2014

When the drafting class is using the drafting room (how dare they!), you make the seminar room work.

september 24, 2014

Chancey-boo and I during rehearsal today.

september 25, 2014

Slowly, but surely, the leaves are leaving.

september 26, 2014

Orly Sparkling Garbage and Digital Nails Petrichor is my favorite combo.

september 27, 2014

Oh rain, I love you!

september 28, 2014

I’m definitely a cold weather Cold Smoke drinker. Sunday Shower Beer and Bluegrass, Cold Smoke style!


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