twohundredthirty – twohundredthirtysix

august 18, 2014

Hello, perfect evening floating on the Willamette.

august 19, 2014

Today I drove out to the coast to visit my parents. Astoria gave me a gorgeous sunset send off. I love this town and that bridge.

august 20, 2014

Indian lunch buffet!

august 21, 2014

I biked to Lompoc to grab lunch and beers with Spencer and his lady after they got off work today. I miss that guy, for sure.

august 22, 2014

Spencer brought Sasha to work today so Daryl and I could love on her. I miss living with these two.

august 23, 2014

Biking to the River City Roots Fest on our matching 1979 Schwinn Suburbans. ❤

august 24, 2014

Burns St Bistro – the perfect day-after-Roots-Fest brunch.


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