twohundredtwentythree – twohundredtwentynine

august 11, 2014

I got to hang out with this cutey today so Amy could have a day to hang with her friends before the wedding on Saturday. Any excuse to hold a baby!

august 12, 2014

The Tin Bucket has become our regular spot to meet when D gets off work. I dig it.

august 13, 2014

My favorite meal: wild caught Alaskan Salmon, corn on the cob, and Fort George Vortex.

august 14, 2014

Finishing up an AMAZING book with freshly painted nails.

august 15, 2014

I need this bumpersticker. Whenever people ask if I have an umbrella, I laugh and respond “no, I’m from Seattle. We don’t believe in umbrellas.”

august 16, 2014

Hands down my favorite moment at weddings. Congratulations Chris, Amy, and baby Henry!

august 17, 2014

Since school starts in a week from tomorrow, I’m reinstating Sunday Shower Beer and Bluegrass.


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