onehundredsixtyseven – onehundredseventythree

june 16, 2014

Spent the day with Gabi at Sea Bright Beach. I haven’t seen the Atlantic Ocean in 7+ years!

june 17, 2014

The last stop before heading to the airport: Mac Attack, Gourmet Mac & Cheesery. HOLY YUM.

june 18, 2014

Gabi is the best and sent me home with so many pretties!

june 19, 2014

Our garden is looking so great this year! In this bed – sunflowers, lettuce, and mesclun mix.

june 20, 2014

I drive behind a lot of white Outbacks in Missoula, but this is the best white Outback to drive behind.

june 21, 2014

Last minute ice axe prep before heading to Mt. Hood!

june 22, 2014

Shredding gnar on the way down from just below the crater on Mt. Hood.

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