onehundredfiftythree – onehundredfiftynine

june 2, 2014

I was nearly dead in bed all day long from food poisoning. At least I was at D’s so he could take care of me. I am a very blessed girl.

june 3, 2014

PDX carpet shot.

june 4, 2014

I have no idea how I never saw these last summer.

june 5, 2014

Gorgeous sunset tonight.

june 6, 2014

Today after worked I hiked up to the summit of Sentinel. As I summited, a bunch of people were getting ready to take off in paragliders and hanggliders. One day I will go paragliding over Missoula!

june 7, 2014

After going to all the Saturday markets, I joined Sydoney and Rissa practicing silks!

june 8, 2014

Back in October Daryl found me the most beautiful, near mint condition 1979 Schwinn Suburban for a steal on craighslist. Ever since, we’ve been on the look out for a matching Suburban for him. Today he found one! We’re not Schwinn-Twins! I can’t wait until we can ride around town on them together!


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