onehundredeleven – onehundredseventeen

april 21, 2014

Officialy a BFA Dance Major! (One day my name will be spelled correctly.)

april 22, 2014

The last 24 days of the semester, broke down into seven pages of exactly what class, rehearsal, performance, homework I have every day.

april 23, 2014

Life Of A Double Major: Is This Bruise From Modern Or Scene Shop?

april 24, 2014

Spend shop class painting the floor for Midsummer.

april 25, 2014

Hippie snacks to the rescue.

april 26, 2014

For the informal concert this semester, we revived Cygnets from Swan Lake, this time called The Ugly Ducklings and starring one of our Modern professors, Heidi.
Photo by William Munoz.

april 27, 2014

The ladies of Jackie’s senior piece. (Bevel for life.)


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