sixtytwo – sixty-eight

march 3, 2014

The deg whisperer.

march 4, 2014

Sue Ann really looks best parked in the snow. I’ve always loved her, but after rocking her first real winter, I adore her even more.

march 5, 2014

My drawing homework is so beyond frustrating to me, but I evidently have some skill hidden in me.

march 6, 2014

Today we danced in our tutus fro the first time! I’ve never had a classical tutu before!

march 7, 2014

UM Collision Theory performing at Betty’s Divine for First Friday.
[photo credit: Kaitlyn Kinsley]

march 8, 2014

Sometimes, I selfie.

march 9, 2014

After spending 12 hours at school on a Sunday, a skillet meal and a glass of wine is about all I can muster.


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