twohundredfiftytwo – twohundredfiftyeight

september 9, 2013

Got out of light shop two hours early, so of course I stopped at the brewery on my way home.

september 10, 2013

Old Timey Music Jam tonight at Montgomery Distillery.

september 11, 2013

Gorgeous morning on campus!

september 12, 2013

Missoula, you get prettier every single day.

september 13, 2013

Liz and Tommy went to Big Sky Brewery today for free tasters and met some new friends from Seattle. To provide them the best Missoula hospitality possible, we had a BBQ!

september 14, 2013

Light hang this morning! I love my major.

september 15, 2013

Beer + lawn mower + football = an American Sunday.


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