onehundredeightynine – onehundredninetyfive

july 8, 2013

The best way to combat mid-shift munchies: lunch and healthy snacks!

july 9, 2013

Key Lime Macarons: piped, baked, filled.

july 10, 2013

The idea of a midday cocktail sounded too good to pass up!

july 11, 2013

I adore Missoula.

july 12, 2013

I finally got a colored goat sticker!

july 13, 2013

Started breaking in my new hiking boots today! Hiked up to the summit of Mt. Sentinel, just in time for sunset.

july 14, 2013

Astoria, and the Columbia River, will have my heart forever and ever and always, but I fall more in love with Missoula, and the Clark Fork (technically, Clark’s Fork of the Columbia River [which means this is still my favorite river!]) ever day.


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