onehundredfiftythree – onehundredsixty

june 2, 2013

Still life of degs.

june 3, 2013

Vortex in my mug: the best way to relax after a busy day at the bakery.

june 4, 2013


june 5, 2013

Liz and I saw this German Shepard pup at DraughtWorks sometime last month – I think she’s double in size now!

june 6, 2013

A pretty fantastic evening!

june 7, 2013

Until the Double Dutch circle happened, I think Ozzy was the most popular part of First Friday tonight.

june 8, 2013

While looking for a different recipe in my Betty Crocker, I found Becky Cakes!

june 9, 2013

After work today I took myself on a bike date. 1.5 hours riding on the Missoula trail system then treated myself to a beer. On my ride I saw a horse, a llama, and four cows!


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