onehundredforty – onehundredfortysix

may 20, 2013

I absolutely do not need a $500 sleeping right now. I absolutely want a $500 sleeping bag after tonights clinic.

may 21, 2013

Lori, Conner, Nick, Erin, Ozzy, Tucker, and I went to my new favorite just-outside-of-Missoula getaway to rock climb and BBQ.

may 22, 2013

This was the best surprise!!! Oh man, I love his cute face! And honestly, kinda super digging the goatee!

may 23, 2013

A terrible photo of beautiful alpine glow over Mt. Sentinel this evening.

may 24, 2013

I snagged this tent from work today and we deemed our BBQ a Trail Head Sponsored Event.

may 25, 2013

We have some crazy mushrooms growing around our willow in the back yard.

may 26, 2013

I went out for drinks with Friday tonight and she made me two itty bitty cranes!


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