onehundredfive – onehundredeleven

april 15, 2013

Chicken, asparagus, and potatoes. Yum!

april 16, 2013

I am loving this yarn! It is so soft.

april 17, 2013

My hair is sholder length!

april 18, 2013

The Butternut Squash have arrived!

april 19, 2013

Hippie fire at the house tonight.

april 20, 2013

Nick created a trailer for Ozzy. Ozzy doesn’t particularly care for it, though he’s fine when its moving.

april 21, 2013

Conner, Lori, Nick, and I went rock climbing today. Almost as soon as we got there, it started snowing. We climbed for a couple hours until we started to freeze.


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