ninetyone – ninetyseven

april 1, 2013

Perfect evening: The house to myself. Two dogs in the yard. Delicious beer. A great book. Warm weather and sunshine.

april 2, 2013

LOVE the sunsets lately!

april 3, 2013

Happy Aspen!

april 4, 2013

On Wednesday I made a poor food choice and had a carb-loaded dinner. I spent all day Thursday feeling very sluggish and craving vegetables (WHO AM I?!?!), so I made cheesy veggie soup for dinner again.

april 5, 2013

Our starters are all doing so well! So far we have parsley, oregano, two types of onions, two types of tomatoes, two types of peppers, Chinese cabbage, and broccoli. I’m so excited for the garden!

april 6, 2013

Oh Missoula.

april 7, 2013

Spent the day soaking, in the pouring rain, at Weir hot springs. I love Weir and the rain was so perfect. I’m definitely going to sleep well tonight!


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