eightyfour – ninety

march 25, 2013

Kind of hard to spot, but there’s a Wood Pecker in the tree!

march 26, 2013

Liz and I biked to DraughtWorks in skirts today and sat outside drinking beer for a few hours. It was so wonderful. I do love Missoula spring!

march 27, 2013


march 28, 2013

Made cheesy veggie soup for dinner tonight – so yum!

march 29, 2013

Gorgeous sunset tonight!

march 30, 2013

Lori and I went skiing at Lost Trail today. It was so sunny and beautiful. Lori took a lesson and I skied better than i think I ever have. Perfect day!

march 31, 2013

After Easter lunch at Jessie and Adam’s, Lori, Erin, Nick, Ozzy, Tucker, and I hiked around Blue Mountain and ended up summiting just before the sun dropped behind the ridge. Missoula is so wonderful and perfect.


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