seventyseven – eighty-three

march 18, 2013

It may have snowed several inches today, but inside we have onions and oregano!

march 19, 2013

Ozzy is such a great dog and he gets so excited when we go on car rides!

march 20, 2013

Morning mocha.

march 21, 2013

Thursdays have become the days I clean house. Today I tackled the office.

march 22, 2013

Yonder Mountain String Band, night one! Nick, Conner, Lori, Erin, and I bike ganged it downtown and met up with Liz, Jessie, and Adam for a perfect hippie night out!

march 23, 2013

Night two of Yonder!


Nick, Conner, Lori, Tucker, and I went folfing today. Too pretty of an evening to be inside!


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