seventy – seventysix

march 11, 2013

This morning’s mocha.

march 12, 2013

Vegetables are so beautiful.

march 13, 2013

I finally found a chiropractor here in town and she has a sweet pupper named Bella who is such a lover. She even gave me kisses during my appointment!

march 14, 2013

Ozzy is so silly and LOVES when we go on car rides.

march 15, 2013

Fort George! In Seattle! This made me a happy girl and I definitely came home to Missoula with two packs of Vortex and two packs of OPA.

march 16, 2013

After the beautiful service for Julie, all us WAPA kids went out for lunch (at Red Robin, of course). It was so wonderful to see everyone, but we really need to stop having reunions at funerals.

march 17, 2013

Seattle, you are beautiful and I love you.


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