sixtythree – sixtynine

march 4, 2013

Finally got around to changing Sue Ann’s oil. 278,000+ miles and she’s still going strong!

march 5, 2013

I love that I still have the envelope for my social security card from when I was a baby.

march 6, 2013

Rain is good for my soul.

march 7, 2013

A perfect iced coffee kind of day.

march 8, 2013

Absolutely GORGEOUS day in Missoula.

march 9, 2013

Closing night! I can’t believe I won’t see everyone all the time anymore.

march 10, 2013

I started a new pair of socks today. The color variegation is similar to a costume in the show, so I shall dub them my Jumping Into Fire socks.

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