twentyeight – thirty-four

january 28, 2013

A Moscow Mule in a proper copper cup!

january 29, 2013

Last night there was no snow on the ground. I love winter!

january 30, 2013

Relaxing with a delicious Big Sky IPA.

january 31, 2013

A celebratory, D gets to spend a few extra days in Missoula, brunch at The Shack. A bacon breakfast burrito and an apple, cheddar, cinnamon, nutmeg omelet. Yum!

february 1, 2013

We went to The Old Post for dinner tonight and ended up catching a great local bluegrass band. I’m getting so excited for the Yonder show next month!

february 2, 2013

My favorite kind of Saturday: I make the coffee, D makes the eggs and chicken-apple sausage, the sun is shining, and Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me on the radio.

february 3, 2013

GORGEOUS flight back to Missoula from Symes Hot Springs today. I love living in Montana and I love dating a pilot.


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